We are a preferred provider network made up of carefully-chosen, independently owned and operated, highly professional dental clinics across Ontario. The dental benefit world is changing and we are forefront in providing employers with a solution.


Our clinics and dental health professionals all value the same things: quality, gentle patient care, and integrity – and all abide by our unique set of standards.

We understand that providing employees with a benefit plan is an ever-increasing expense. Due to the high costs of life sustaining medication, sometimes dental benefits have to take a back seat.

Thankfully, Teeth First Dental offers a solution!

As your Preferred Provider, we offer value to both you and your employees. Through our Exclusive Corporate Discounts, we can:

  • Help you to reduce your premiums
  • Enhance your employees’ dental benefits without increasing your premiums


Want to know how we do it? Call today!

Helen Shwery
Director of Business Integrity and Development

Phone: 226-606-9579
Email: helen.shwery@teethfirstdental.com


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