Dr. Steve Mocrae

As a personable family dentist practicing in Barrie, Ontario for over thirty years, Dr. Steve Mocrae has grown to love the families that visit his practice daily. He is a general dentist known for providing leading dental care to patients of all ages, and believes that every patient should be treated on an individual level - always taking their specific needs and concerns into consideration.

Dr. Steve Mocrae is a proud graduate of the University of Toronto School of Dentistry. After graduating, he opened his practice doors in the summer of 1987 to a young and flourishing Barrie community. He has many family patients who have been attending the clinic since its commencement who still visit him today for the dental treatment they know and love.

A truly family-oriented individual, Dr. Steve Mocrae has nine children of his own with whom he enjoys spending his free time. While he knows that being a parent is a joyous and rewarding role, Dr. Steve Mocrae also understands that parenting can come with a lot of pressure. It’s not always easy deciding what is best for your children while having the funds necessary to make it happen. For example, a common issue with children is dental anxiety. To ensure a positive outlook on dental health in children from an early age, parents should take their children to see the dentist while they are still quite young, around one year old. This will help accustom them to being in the dentist’s chair early on; reducing fear and anxiety down the road. If a child has a severe level of dental anxiety, Dr. Steve Mocrae offers general anesthesia (dentistry while asleep) to help make the visit easier for them.

There are also ways in which Dr. Steve Mocrae helps makes dental treatment more accessible for everyone:

  • Direct billing for most insurance policies that allow assignment
  • Dr. Steve Mocrae Dentistry also works closely with programs like Healthy Smiles Ontario to provide free dental services for eligible children in Ontario

Dr. Steve Mocrae Dentistry is still welcoming new families with members of all ages who seek a gentle and positive dentist who will work and grow with them as a family. The practice offers a full range of dental services, including orthodontics and wisdom teeth extractions. For more information, please visit the practice website or contact them via phone at 1-705-737-2050.