Paedodontic dentistry is children's dentistry and covers the age range from babies to adolescents.

The Canadian Dental Association President recently stated children should see the dentist prior to one year of age. In fact, it is recommended that a child visit the dentist six months after the appearance of a first tooth or at the latest, by their first birth date.

Dentistry for children

It’s important to visit your dentist when your baby is under the age of one so you can discuss common issues such as pacifiers, thumb sucking, diet counseling, injury prevention, use of toothpaste and proper care of gums and teeth. It also allows for early determination of tooth decay, proper instruction around dental health care habits including useful information on growth and development.

Your dentist will be happy to take the time to educate you about dental health care, plus healthy habits and routines for children. When proper habits are set early, dental health care for children can lead to a long life of good oral health.

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