Creating a Positive and Stress-Free Professional Environment
Do your staff enjoy coming to work?

stress free dental office

As a dentist/dental practice owner, you know how important it is to create a work environment that is productive, positive and free of unnecessary stress. You want to create an inviting atmosphere for your dental staff – not one that perpetuates conflict or negativity.

Here are four ways you can help to ensure a positive and stress-free professional environment for you and your staff to thrive in:

  1. Make communication a priority

    No one needs “drama” or negativity stirring in their professional environment. To keep passive-aggressiveness out of the workplace, make communication a priority. Set an example that encourages all staff to be open and honest about any issues they may be facing. This will help to ensure productive and healthy work relationships.

  2. Plan a fun team outing

    If you don’t already do so, every so often, organize a special outing for your dental team! Providing an opportunity for your staff to re-group outside of a professional setting, away from any work responsibility is always beneficial. When you spend time with your co-workers outside of work, you can show your appreciation for them in other ways. These types of efforts encourage fun and healthy socialization among co-workers and will help your team members to de-stress away from work.

  3. Organize a theme day

    Why not have a little fun in the office and organize a theme day? A day that encourages your staff to step outside of the norm to get creative and festive can be a great way to bring positivity to the work atmosphere and reduce stress. Next Tuesday could be Hawaiian Shirt Day if you want it to be! Or, take advantage of a National holiday and encourage your staff to bring some inspiration to the office in any way they choose. With so many themes and wacky holidays, the possibilities are endless!

  4. Don’t forget positive reinforcement

    Your staff depend on you to provide them with words of encouragement and appreciation in order to feel valued and motivated to continue their good work. When your staff members are reassured that they’re doing a great job, there is less stress and more happy feelings. With long days and hectic work schedules, it can be easy to forget about complimenting your staff from time to time… but even the simplest words of appreciation go a LONG way.

At the end of the day, stress will always be present to some degree in the workplace – no matter how great your practice or team is. Everything comes down to how you choose to manage this stress. By implementing these four tips, you can help to create a better work atmosphere for everyone!

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