Five Do’s and Don’ts When Hiring a New Employee
…and how offering better benefits can equal better hires

hiring employees

When it comes time hiring a new employee for your team, there are certainly a number of important factors to take into consideration to ensure that the right decisions are made. So, without further adieu, we’ve cracked down three assuring DO’s and two absolute DON’T’s when hiring a new member (or members) for your team.

DO: Look for passion and people skills.

You want to hire the candidates with a real passion for what they do – because it’s the passion that drives individuals to continually want to better themselves in their profession. A passionless team won’t have the capacity to prevail through the challenges and obstacles, or the motivation to keep improving on themselves. You want someone who is productive in nature, and that will go beyond what’s expected so your team can flourish and grow consistently.

Being amiable and friendly is a must for your new hire. You want to know that your new staff member is going to get along with patients, and just as importantly, get along with you and the team. Your entire team should strive daily to provide the best experience possible for all patients.

DON’T: Disregard important details.

When posting your job description online, be sure to outline the expectations you have for your applicants, along with a detailed explanation of what you require from them for your consideration. By being clear and thorough in your job description, and ensuring your candidates have the education and experience you’re looking for, you’ll be off to a great start.

Asking your potential candidates the wrong questions during the interview is a common mistake employers make, as it’s easy to believe certain questions to be worth asking (when in reality, they’re not). Formulate your questions to not only confirm that your candidate has the skills, but that they also have the overall talent and character required to contribute to a successful team.

DO: Look for detail-orientation.

The dental profession requires professionals to pay close attention to detail constantly… which means it’s vital you hire a detail-oriented candidate. An incredible easy way of doing this is to instruct your candidates to follow a set of rules as part of their application. For example, if you’re sourcing your applicants online, instruct them to use a specific title of your choosing for the subject as their e-mail, or ask them to answer specific questions or follow certain formatting rules in their cover letter. This will tell you right off the bat who’s worth pursuing further for consideration by weaning out the non-detail observers.

DON’T: Keep your options small

Keeping a small group of candidates may be easier for you, but you really should be interviewing as many people as possible. Thankfully, online recruiting methods make it much easier to attract a larger number of candidates.

DO: Offer appealing benefits.

Employers who offer quality benefits to their employees are more respected and valued – so when you offer better benefits, you’ll attract more candidates who know they’re deserving of them. That said, if you’re looking for a way to offer better benefits to your employees, you’re in luck. Our Teeth First Dental Network works to save employers money by helping reduce premiums by up to 20% - so you’ll have more money to put toward other benefits and health care spending accounts (without increasing your premiums).

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