Choosing the Right Dentist to Look After Your Smile?
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finding the right dentist

Whether you are moving to a new town or are in need of something new, finding a new dentist (and making the right choice) doesn't need to be complicated! With some research and consideration, you should be able to find a new dentist that would be pleased to take you on as a new patient, and that you would be happy to visit! Choosing a dentist that you can build a healthy and positive relationship with will help to make your overall oral care routine even more enjoyable.

Here are some things to consider during your search:


It's important to ask questions such as, “Does the dentist's office hours agree with my schedule?” “Is it easy to get an appointment?” “Do they offer emergency or after-hours care?” “What payment options are available?” and if you have children, “Does the dentist provide services for them too?” Don't hesitate to send the dentist a message if you have any specific questions or concerns that aren't answered on their website.

Individual and family needs

Narrowing your options down to local practices is a good start. Choosing a dentist in the neighbourhood, or that's close enough to home will make things a lot more convenient for you. A swift Google search or a glance into the YellowPages will do the trick!

Schedule an appointment

Once you've decided on your best prospect, schedule a meeting with the dentist! Be sure to come prepared with any other questions you may have for him or her. Having a one-on-one conversation with the dentist will help you to determine whether you feel comfortable with them, and if you feel good about asking them questions. If the dentist is caring, understanding and gets along well with you, then you've found your match!

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