exclusive discounts from dental suppliers

Purchasing Power

Our valued dentist members receive exclusive discounts from multiple dental suppliers, helping you cut your supply costs by up to 10%.

online marketing

Digital Strategy

Through our extensive online marketing efforts, we bring more people to your website, and more patients to your practice.

Boots on the Ground Strategy

We are a people business and still believe in meeting clients face to face. Our team will visit your local neighbourhood businesses to promote your clinic to them.

preferred provider network

Preferred Provider

As a member of our network, you become a preferred dentist to numerous businesses, associations, insurance companies and union members – which means you become a top choice for patients; acquiring more along the way.


YES, if you are a dental clinic owner who:

  • Is liscensed and in good standing with the RCDSO
  • Offers extended hours to allow patients to book appointments
    on evenings and weekends
  • Offers some specialty services within your clinic
  • Does not bill higher than the Ontario Dental Association fee guide
  • Has a clinic at least 10 km from any current network clinic. To view
    network clinics go to: our location page
  • Offers patient financing
  • Will adhere to our network standards
  • Uses digital x-rays to help ensure the safest practices for patients
  • Offers direct billing to insurance companies and facilitates
    paperwork with insurance companies
  • Has a website and a Facebook presence. – if you don’t
    we can help you with that.

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dental team

How to Help Comfort Patients with Anxiety

Anxious patients make up a rather large percentage of the dental patient demographic. And oftentimes, it can be challenging for a professional to help a patient feel at ease. The next time a particularly nervous patient comes in for treatment, try to keep these tips in mind to help keep your patient’s nerves under control.

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strees free dental practice

Positive and Stress-Free Professional Environment

A large part of running a practice involves managing staff, and ensuring that the workplace is productive and stress-free.

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pediatric dentistry

Making Dental Visits Fun for Child Patients

We’re going to talk about several ways you can make dental visits a better experience for child patients!

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