Dentists: Are You Overdue for a Vacation?
Springtime Reminds Us to Have a Little Fun

Overdue for vacation

Hey there, hardworking dental community!

Are you feeling a little overworked? When’s the last time you’ve had a break? We mean… a REAL break?

If you’re long overdue for one of those, we’ve got a few reasons why a little traveling and exploration can do you more good than you think. Here are some of the incredible (and completely real) benefits of traveling:

  1. It keeps your mind in top shape.

    Traveling has been thought to support brain health and cognitive function through the stimulus of new experiences. When a person experiences totally new environments, people, languages, cultures and circumstances, it can help to strengthen their memory and keep their brain sharp. This is considered to be especially true when a person travels to a new location every time they go on vacation. Interesting, huh?

  2. It improves mood and sense of well-being.

    Traveling literally puts smiles on people’s faces and can dramatically improve a person’s mood. Even anticipating a trip stirs up feelings of excitement and happiness that, studies have shown, are much more powerful than the excitement that comes from making a materialistic purchase. (We can believe that)!

  3. It keeps you physically fit.

    Traveling presents great opportunities to be active as you can be! If you want to see everything you possibly can and make the most of your trip, chances are, you’re going to be doing a lot of walking, or hiking… or even taking part in a new sport activity. In addition to being more active, a vacation away from home also has been shown to promote heart health through the stress relief and relaxation that a beautiful new experience can provide.