Here's Why Your Little One Should Visit the Dentist Sooner Than Later!
Learn About the Importance of Children's Dentistry

child cavities

Did you know that troubling tooth decay is extremely common among babies and toddlers? As much as 40 percent of 2-5 year olds have cavities... yikes! The good news is, an early visit to the dentist will ensure a smart and healthy start to your child's oral health, preventing oral disease that so many cavity-prone infants sadly suffer from today.

As a Rule of Thumb: Take Them Before Age One

Many parents live with the misconception that their child can't possibly experience any oral health issues before their baby teeth decide to come out. The fact is, arranging an early first dental visit will protect your child from possible tooth decay that could eventually affect their permanent teeth if left untreated. It's recommended that a child meet with the dentist six months after the arrival of their first tooth. Alternatively, it's important to remember to take your child for his or her first dental visit before they turn one. Children are susceptible to a lack of enamel protecting their teeth, otherwise known as enamel hypoplasia - that can put them at risk for decay, tooth loss and life-long problems.

Prevention is Key

Some common oral issues that children experience include tooth decay as a result of baby bottle use, or from being in frequent contact with sugary drinks and milk. Thumb sucking or tongue thrusting can have a negative impact on your child's teeth as well, causing misalignment if the habit is continued on for longer than usual. During the visit, a paedonontist will be able to detect any issues early and ensure proper prevention of this with your child's first appointment. Think of it this way: you baby's future and overall health is getting a perfect start with an early visit to the dentist!

Make Their First Experience a Positive One

Teeth First Dental Network is an excellent choice for your baby's first dental experience. Along with the importance of an early examination, our highly qualified specialists will happily discuss with you common issues such as thumb sucking, pacifiers, diet, toothpaste use, and how to properly care for your child's gums and teeth. We're here to help you teach your child about the importance of practicing a consistent and thorough oral care routine. Children's Dentistry focuses on instilling these healthy habits onto your child at a young age, setting them up for a future of great oral health as they grow and develop.

It's never too early to set up your baby's first appointment with the dentist. We understand that life can get busy, and time seems to fly more quickly than ever before – but remembering to book your baby's first dental appointment before their first birthday is essential!

You can also count on Teeth First Dental Network for many other services to help you, the responsible adult - maintain a stunning and healthy smile.