What’s the Deal With “Shark Teeth”, and Should I Be Concerned?
No, there’s no chance your little one is part fish.

shark teeth

Shark teeth is a relatively common condition in children that occurs when the baby or primary teeth are still present in the mouth at the time their adult or permanent teeth start to come in – creating two rows of teeth in the mouth (just like sharks have). Sounds weird, doesn’t it? Yeah, it is a little odd!

The (sometimes interesting) process of acquiring new adult teeth

Most children will lose their primary (milk) teeth and see the eruption of their permanent teeth between the ages of 5 and 7. Usually, the roots of the milk teeth will be dissolved (or resorbed) by the eruption of their adult teeth, which allows the baby teeth to fall out naturally.

But in the case where a child’s permanent tooth does not come through in the area underneath the baby tooth, there will be no force there to push it out – and so it will join the baby tooth and create a double row of teeth (a theory).

Seeing double doesn’t necessarily mean trouble.

It’s best not to worry about your little one’s shark teeth if their baby teeth are a little loose – because they’re likely on their way to coming out soon, anyway. However, if their baby teeth aren’t loose and on the same level as the permanent teeth, it’s best to schedule a visit with the dentist. He or she will be able to tell you whether it’s okay to wait and watch (which is actually most often the case), or if they need to be removed.

Regardless of shark teeth or no shark teeth, your child should be seeing the dentist for a check-up every 6 months or as necessary (as is the case with adults). Are you due for a check-up and cleaning? Find a Teeth First Dental Network Ontario dentist near you today!