Athletes: Are You Forgetting to Wear a Mouth Guard?
Here’s why you should be a “good sport” and protect your mouth every time you play

Wearing Sport Mouth Guards

Did you know that, according to research, athletes are as much as 60 times more at risk for experiencing dental damage if they aren’t wearing a sport guard for protection?

Yes, you read that one right. That’s a significant risk!

This just speaks to how important it is for all athletes to ensure they’re wearing a sport or athletes guard while they play – because no one is safe from an accident beyond our control.

Choosing the Right Mouthguard

Many people choose to go with a stock sport or mouth guard over a custom-fitted one created by a professional, like one of our many preferred provider Ontario dentists. But the fact of the matter is; while stock guards may offer some level of protection, they generally can’t provide that same standard of protection against injury, as well as the same precise and comfortable fit that a custom mouth guard can.

There are also some cases where an over-the-counter sport guard or stock guard can restrict the breathing or ease of speech of the person wearing it, which would come down to a poor fit. So, any athlete’s best bet would be to just consult with their dentist and have their sport guard custom-fitted for optimal comfort and protection.

Taking Care of Your Sport Guard

In order to keep your sport guard in top shape for a long time, you should always give it a rinse under cool water or mouth rinse prior to and after each use. Giving your appliance a more thorough cleaning using soap and cool water is something else you should do occasionally. Avoid leaving your sport guard in the sun, and keep it away from any hot water or hot environments.

Will you (or your child) be wearing a sport guard the next time they gear up to play?

Remember: accidents can and do happen – especially in competitive sports! But fortunately, wearing a custom-made sport guard during any type sport activity will considerably lower the risk of any damage to the mouth, including the jaw, teeth, gums, lips and tongue.

Our Teeth First Dental Network consists of a group of dental clinics across Ontario that follow a specific set of standards – standards that are put into place to ensure that all patients are provided with the most professional and compassionate oral health care possible.

Our preferred provider dentists in Ontario are always encouraging our athlete patients to play smart with one of the game’s most crucial pieces of equipment: a sport guard! If you or your child is in need of a custom-fitted mouth guard to protect his or her smile during sport, or during sleep due to teeth grinding (bruxism), contact an Ontario dental clinic nearest you today.