Our Teeth First Dental Network clinics understand that providing employees with a benefit plan is an ever-increasing expense. With the high cost of prescription drugs, dental benefits may be reduced.

Dental premiums are based on the dollar amount of dental claims incurred by your employees. The lower the dollar amount of dental claims paid by your insured, the lower your premiums. Learn More

Why Pay More if you Don’t Have to?

We can start reducing our dental fees for your employees today. If we do not have a clinic in your area and you would like us to add one let us know.


reduced premiums

Reduced Premiums

Teeth First is proud to reduce employer fees by up to 20% - which can result in substantial savings on premiums.

enhanced benefits

Enhanced Benefits

Teeth First Dental Network helps you to enhance your employees’ dental benefits WITHOUT increasing your premiums.

dental network

Client Retention

Insurers, by keeping your clients' premiums low they are less likely to shop around for another insurer.

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hiring a new employee

Five Do’s and Don’ts When Hiring a New Employee

we know it can be a challenge to choose the perfect new staff member for your dental team. So, we’ve compiled three important DO’s and two definite DON’T’s when it comes to hiring a new dental team member.

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why we offer student discounts

Why Do Our Clinics Offer a Student FIRST Plan?

As a compassionate network of dental care providers, we think it’s only right to offer a special discount to our hardworking student patients. But why?

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