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Your Smile. Your Life. Our Priority

The Teeth First Dental Network is a group of carefully selected clinics that consistently follow the Teeth First Dental set of standards. These standards include a commitment to gentle and respectful patient care, maintaining a relaxing practice environment, offering flexibility and convenient hours to patients, and more.

When patients enter our clinics (members of Teeth First Dental Group), we want them to understand that they are not entering an ordinary dental office that provides oral care; we are a community that works hard to provide services to enhance their lives.

Oral care is directly related to overall health, and our objective is to provide the necessary services to help achieve the optimal care that we all strive for. We believe that a healthy smile reflects confidence and success, and we want our patients to show their healthy smiles to celebrate their healthy lifestyles. The Teeth First Dental Group extends their sincerest welcome to all of our patients, and we promise to live by our mission; Your Smile.Your Life. Our Priority.

30% Student Discount

All full-time students ages 18-25 with a valid student ID card will receive a 30% discount on the current dental fees.

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Need braces but don't want a mouth full of metal? You can take steps towards a beautiful smile and no one has to know.

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SnoreNoMore offers patients an innovative oral breathing device, the Dorsal, to relieve unbearable snoring.

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